Sunday, July 1, 2012

Now is the time to live a life!

When I stared at the wall where all the family hall of famers hanged their evidences, I recalled that I was once a fan and a dreamer to follow the long family history composed of several people that made their way to academic limelight. I kept on wishing that someday I would earn as much and prove that my blood has the same effect on my report cards. Surprisingly, from the very first medal out of the many more that came, I became hungry of knowledge, ranking, and academic position. I hanged and tied my own collection until it was enough for me to feel proud and proven worthy. 

In that very same wall, I noticed that on the adjacent display was a medal that seemed unrecognized, raw, and seemingly unimportant - it was my 37th medal and the one I earned from my masters. I did not bother pick it up nor had it placed on a special spot with the rest of its kind. I realized that the glitters of the medals and the prestige of the glass, wooden, and metal trophies no longer capture my interest. The accomplishments that they represent no longer make me proud for they are only a souvenir of the past and not a definition of my personhood.

I focus on the present and the things I can do in the near future. The past is only but a source of lessons and inspiration but nonetheless an ineffective determinant of the changes that I can make. My ideals, degree of intelligence, general fund of knowledge, and the expertise I have in my profession will someday, just like medals and trophies, wither and fade. Nothing is permanent indeed and, the acceptance of the fact that someday we will also lose our identity and pretty much everything, makes the "now" more precious. 

While I still have my talents and other capacities, I believe that it is important to be guided by principles to raise the level of my quality of life and of those around me. Let us live the now smartly and expect the inevitableness of a happy future and start by discovering principles based on both the angle of the human and the extraordinaire. These principles I call the Biala Philosophy. Welcome to my blog.